Visa Guidelines

Planning your exciting journey to Kenya to begin your studies at Strathmore University? We've prepared some crucial information to ensure a smooth arrival process.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Requirement.

As of January 5, 2024, all travellers, including international students, require an approved Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before entering Kenya. There are exemptions for certain individuals, such as Kenyan citizens, residents with valid permits, and diplomats. You can find a complete list of exemptions on the official Kenyan Immigration Services website:

Applying for Your eTA.

For most international students, an eTA application will be necessary. You can apply online through the official eTA website:

Documents Required for eTA Application.
  1. Valid passport (at least 6 months remaining validity).
  2. Passport-size photo.
  3. Contact information (email and phone number).
  4. Travel itinerary details (arrival and departure flights).
  5. Accommodation booking confirmations.
  6. Payment method (credit/debit card).

    1. NB: The eTA application typically takes three (3) working days to process, but it can take longer in some cases. We recommend applying well in advance of your travel date to avoid any delays.

Student/Internship and Research Passes.

To allow you to remain in the country as a student and/or intern, you will be required to obtain a student pass first. Click on the link to learn more: Student/Internship Pass Applications .

Immigration Preparedness

  1. To ensure a smooth arrival and avoid unnecessary delays or the possibility of being turned back, possessing all required documentation is crucial before travelling to Kenya as an international student. Download the list of requirements from the website.
  2. Register yourself with the international students office via this portal. Click on access portal to proceed.